Are Fiddle Leaf Figs Toxic To Dogs

Fiddle leaf figs are one of the most popular indoor plants on the market today. Their large, glossy leaves and striking appearance make them a favorite for interior designers and homeowners alike. However, if you are a dog owner, you may be wondering whether these beautiful plants are safe for your furry friend to be around. In this article, we will explore the question “Are fiddle leaf figs toxic to dogs?” and provide you with all the information you need to keep your pet safe.

What is a Fiddle Leaf Fig?

Fiddle leaf figs, also known as Ficus lyrata, are native to western Africa. These trees can grow up to 50 feet tall in their natural habitat, but when grown indoors they typically reach between 6 and 10 feet in height. Fiddle leaf figs have large, leathery leaves that are shaped like violins or fiddles hence their name.

The leaves of a fiddle leaf fig plant can range from light green to dark green and can grow up to 18 inches long and 12 inches wide. The tree’s trunk is usually thin at the base and widens as it grows taller.

Are Fiddle Leaf Figs Toxic to Dogs?

The short answer is yes fiddle leaf figs are toxic to dogs. According to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), fiddle leaf figs contain a sap that can cause skin irritation, vomiting, and diarrhea in dogs if ingested.

The sap of a fiddle leaf fig contains ficin, which is an enzyme that breaks down proteins. If your dog ingests any part of the plant, such as the leaves or stems, the ficin in the sap can irritate their skin and digestive system.

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Symptoms of Fiddle Leaf Fig Poisoning in Dogs

If your dog has ingested any part of a fiddle leaf fig plant, there are several symptoms you should look out for. These include:

– Vomiting
– Diarrhea
– Loss of appetite
– Lethargy
– Skin irritation or rash
– Swelling of the mouth, tongue, or lips

If you notice any of these symptoms in your dog after they have been around a fiddle leaf fig plant, you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe Around Fiddle Leaf Figs

If you have a fiddle leaf fig plant in your home and you also have a dog, there are several things you can do to keep your pet safe:

1. Keep the plant out of reach: Dogs are curious creatures and may be tempted to chew on or play with the leaves of a fiddle leaf fig plant. To prevent this from happening, make sure the plant is kept out of reach of your dog ¨C either by placing it on a high shelf or using a plant stand.

2. Deter your dog with scents: Dogs have a keen sense of smell, so if you use scents that dogs don’t like near the plant, y