Why Do Dogs Lick Your Ears

Dogs are known for their affectionate nature, and one of the ways they show it is by licking their owner’s ears. This behavior can be both adorable and puzzling at the same time. As a dog owner, you may have wondered why your furry friend loves to lick your ears. In this article, we will explore some possible reasons behind this behavior.

1. Dogs love the taste of earwax

One of the primary reasons why dogs lick ears is because they enjoy the taste of earwax. It may sound gross to us humans, but to dogs, earwax has a unique flavor that they find appealing. Dogs have an acute sense of smell, and they can detect even the slightest odor. The scent of earwax is irresistible to them, and they will often go to great lengths to get a taste.

2. Dogs use licking as a way to communicate

Dogs use body language to communicate with each other and with their human companions. Licking is one such form of communication. When a dog licks your ears, it could mean that they are trying to tell you something. They may be expressing their affection towards you or trying to convey a message.

3. Dogs see us as part of their pack

Dogs are social animals, and they view their owners as part of their pack. Licking is a way for dogs to strengthen social bonds within their pack. By licking your ears, your dog is showing that they trust you and consider you a part of their family.

4. Dogs like the texture of ears

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Another reason why dogs lick ears is that they like the texture of them. Ears have a unique texture that dogs find interesting and enjoyable to lick. The soft skin around the ear provides a comfortable surface for them to lick.

5. Dogs seek attention

Dogs crave attention from their owners, and licking is one way for them to get it. When dogs lick their owner’s ears, they are seeking attention and affection. They may be feeling lonely or anxious and using licking as a way to seek comfort from their owners.

6. Dogs enjoy grooming

Dogs are natural groomers, and they love to keep themselves clean. Licking is one way for dogs to groom themselves and others. When your dog licks your ears, they may be trying to groom you as a sign of affection.

7. Dogs have a strong sense of smell

As mentioned earlier, dogs have an acute sense of smell. They can detect even the slightest scent, including the ones in our ears. Dogs may lick our ears to get a better smell of us or simply to explore the different scents that they can find.


In conclusion, there are several reasons why dogs like to lick our ears. Whether it’s because of the taste of earwax, communication, social bonding, texture, seeking attention, grooming, or smelling, this behavior is a sign of affection and trust from our furry friends. As dog owners, we should embrace this behavior and enjoy the love and companionship that our dogs provide us with every day. And who knows? Maybe next time your dog licks your ear, you’ll be able to appreciate it even more knowing the reasons behind it.