Will Vinegar Stop Dog Pooping In Same Spot

When it comes to owning a dog, there are certain behaviors that can be frustrating for pet owners. One of the most common issues is when a dog repeatedly poops in the same spot, causing unpleasant odors and messes in your yard or home. Many people have tried different methods to stop their dogs from doing this, but one potential solution that has been gaining popularity is using vinegar.

Vinegar has long been known as an effective cleaning agent due to its acidic properties, but can it really help stop a dog from pooping in the same spot? In this article, we will explore the effectiveness of vinegar as a deterrent for this behavior and provide tips on how to use it properly.

The Science Behind Vinegar

Before we dive into whether or not vinegar can stop a dog from pooping in the same spot, it’s important to understand why this method may work. Vinegar contains acetic acid, which is known for its strong scent and sour taste. This acidity can act as a repellent for dogs who are attracted to certain scents or tastes.

Additionally, vinegar can help eliminate any lingering scent that may be attracting your dog to poop in the same spot. If your dog has previously gone potty in a specific area, they may be drawn back to that spot due to the scent. By cleaning the area with vinegar, you can neutralize the odor and make it less appealing for your furry friend.

Using Vinegar to Stop Dog Pooping in Same Spot

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Now that we understand how vinegar works as a deterrent, let’s discuss some tips on how to use this method effectively:

1. Dilute the Vinegar – While vinegar is safe for pets in small doses, undiluted vinegar can be harmful if ingested or if it gets into your dog’s eyes. To avoid any harm to your pup, dilute vinegar with water before spraying or applying it to areas where you don’t want your dog to go potty.

2. Test in Small Areas – Before applying vinegar to a large area, test it out in a small spot first. This will help you determine if it’s safe for your flooring or yard and also ensure that your dog isn’t allergic to the scent.

3. Consistency is Key – To see results with vinegar, it’s important to be consistent with its use. Apply vinegar daily to areas where your dog has previously gone potty until they stop returning to those spots. Once your dog has broken the habit of pooping in the same spot, you can reduce how often you use vinegar.

4. Provide Alternatives – Sometimes dogs may repeatedly poop in the same spot because they don’t have access to other options. Providing a designated potty area away from their usual spot can help break this habit. You can also try using attractants like fake grass or pheromones in the new designated area to encourage your pup to go there instead.


While vinegar may not be a foolproof method for stopping your dog from pooping in the same spot, it can be an effective tool when used correctly. By understanding how vinegar works as a deterrent and following these tips for proper use, you can help train your furry friend to go potty in more appropriate areas. Remember, consistency is key and providing alternatives can also aid in breaking this unwanted habit.

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So next time you’re struggling with a stinky situation in your yard or home, reach for some vinegar and give it a try! Who knows, maybe it will become your new secret weapon against unwanted dog behaviors.