Why Do Dogs Sneeze When Play Fighting

Dogs are known for their playful nature, and it s not uncommon to see them engaging in play fighting. While play fighting is a normal behavior for dogs, have you ever wondered why they sneeze during these interactions? It may seem like a strange occurrence, but there are a few reasons why dogs sneeze when play fighting.

One reason for this behavior is that dogs use sneezing as a way to communicate with each other. Just like humans laugh or smile during social interactions, dogs have their own way of expressing themselves. Sneezing can be a sign of excitement or playfulness, and it’s often used as a way to signal to the other dog that the interaction is friendly and non-threatening.

Another reason why dogs may sneeze during play fighting is that it helps them regulate their level of arousal. When dogs get worked up during play, they may become overly excited which can lead to aggressive behavior. By sneezing, dogs are able to release some of this tension and keep their arousal levels in check.

It’s also possible that sneezing serves as a way for dogs to clear their nasal passages. During play fighting, dogs may inadvertently inhale dust or dirt which can ir

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