Where Are The Withers On A Dog

Where Are the Withers on a Dog?

As a dog owner or enthusiast, you might have heard the term “withers” being thrown around when referring to a dog’s anatomy. But what exactly are withers, and where can you find them on your furry friend?

In simple terms, withers are the highest point of a dog’s shoulder blades, located just above the shoulders where the neck meets the back. The height of the withers is used to determine a dog’s overall size and build, as well as its ability to carry weight.

The Importance of Withers in Dog Anatomy

The withers play an important role in a dog’s anatomy because they serve as the starting point for measuring a dog’s height. Most breed standards use the measurement from the ground to the top of the withers as a way to determine whether a dog meets breed standards. This is particularly important for dogs that are bred for specific purposes such as working or showing.

Aside from their role in determining height, withers also play a significant role in a dog’s movement and posture. The muscles that attach to the withers help support and control the dog’s forelimbs, making it easier for them to move and maintain balance. Additionally, dogs with high withers tend to have better posture than those with lower ones.

Finding the Withers on Your Dog

Now that you know what withers are and their importance in canine anatomy let us dive into how you can locate them on your furry friend. Finding the withers on your dog is relatively straightforward since they are located just above the shoulders where the neck meets the back.

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To locate your dog’s withers, place one hand on their neck at their shoulder blades’ base while using your other hand to feel along their spine towards their tail. You should be able to feel two protrusions at the highest point of their shoulder blades.

Although locating your dog’s withers may seem simple, it’s essential to note that withers’ size and prominence vary from breed to breed. Some breeds may have more pronounced withers, while others may have ones that are less noticeable.


In conclusion, the term “withers” refers to the highest point of a dog’s shoulder blades located where the neck meets the back. Withers play an important role in determining a dog’s height and build, as well as their posture and movement. Finding your dog’s withers is relatively easy, but it’s important to remember that their size and visibility can vary depending on breed. As a responsible dog owner, knowing your furry friend’s anatomy is crucial in maintaining their overall health and wellbeing.