What To Do With Dogs Ashes

Dogs are known to be the most loyal companion to humans. They become a part of our family, and when they pass away, it can be devastating. However, one thing that we all must face is what to do with their ashes. This article will provide you with some options on what you can do with your dog’s ashes.

1. Keep them at home:

Many people choose to keep their dog’s ashes at home as a way to remember them. You can store the ashes in an urn or a special container and place it in a location that holds value for you. It could be on a shelf, mantlepiece, or even in the garden.

2. Scatter them:

Scattering the ashes is another option that many pet owners choose. You can scatter them in a park, beach, or any other location that was special to your dog. Make sure to check if there are any laws or regulations in your area regarding scattering ashes.

3. Bury them:

Burying your dog’s ashes is also an option. You can bury them in your backyard or in a pet cemetery. If you choose to bury them at home, make sure it’s legal in your area and follow proper guidelines.

4. Create a memorial:

Creating a memorial for your dog is a great way to honor their memory. You can create a photo album, scrapbook, or even commission an artist to create a painting of your dog.

5. Turn them into art:

Another unique option is turning your dog’s ashes into art. Some artists specialize in creating glass sculptures out of pet ashes.

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6. Donate them:

If you don’t want to keep your dog’s ashes yourself, consider donating them to a veterinarian school or research facility for educational purposes.

7. Spread them at sea:

If your dog loved the water, spreading their ashes at sea may be the perfect option for you.

8. Mix them with tattoo ink:

Some people choose to mix their dog’s ashes with tattoo ink and get a tattoo in honor of their beloved pet.


There are various options for what to do with your dog’s ashes. Each option is unique and personal to you, so take the time to consider which one is right for you. Whatever you choose, just know that your dog will always be remembered and cherished.