What Does Heel Mean In Dog Training

When it comes to dog training, there are various techniques and methods that trainers use to teach dogs different commands and behaviors. One of the most important commands in dog training is the heel command. But what does “heel” actually mean in dog training? In this article, we will explore the definition of heel, its importance in dog training, and how to train your dog to heel.

What Does Heel Mean?

Heel is a command that tells your dog to walk or run alongside you with their shoulder aligned with your leg. It is an important command for dogs that need to be under control when walking in public places or participating in competitions. The heel command can be used to keep your dog safe from traffic, other dogs, or people.

Why Is Heel Important?

The heel command is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it establishes a clear hierarchy between you and your dog. When you are walking your dog in public places, it is crucial that they understand that you are the pack leader and they must follow your lead. Secondly, the heel command helps to prevent pulling on the leash, which can cause discomfort for both you and your furry friend. Lastly, it can help to prevent accidents by keeping your dog close to you.

How To Train Your Dog To Heel

Training your dog to heel requires patience and consistency. Here are some steps that you can take to teach your furry friend how to heel:

1. Start indoors: Begin by teaching your dog the heel command indoors where there are fewer distractions.

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2. Use treats: Use treats as a reward for good behavior during training sessions.

3. Get into position: Start by standing next to your dog with them on a leash at your side.

4. Give the command: Say “heel” in a firm but calm tone of voice.

5. Begin walking: Start walking slowly while holding the leash loosely.

6. Reward good behavior: Praise your dog and give them a treat when they walk at your side with their shoulder aligned with your leg.

7. Be consistent: Practice the heel command every day until your dog has mastered it.


In conclusion, the heel command is an essential part of dog training that helps to establish hierarchy and prevent accidents. By following the steps above, you can train your furry friend to heel and enjoy safe and pleasant walks together. Remember to be patient and consistent, and soon enough, your furry friend will be walking by your side like a pro!