Can Dogs Smell Alcohol

Dogs have long been considered man’s best friend. They are loyal, affectionate and can be trained to do an array of tasks. One of the tasks that dogs are known for is their ability to detect certain scents. In this article, we will explore whether dogs can smell alcohol and how they do it.

Can Dogs Smell Alcohol?

Yes, dogs can detect the scent of alcohol. This ability is due to their highly sensitive sense of smell, which is thought to be up to 100,000 times better than humans. Dogs are able to pick up on a variety of scents that humans cannot, including the scent of alcohol.

How Do Dogs Detect Alcohol?

Dogs detect the scent of alcohol using their olfactory receptors, which are located in their noses. These receptors are extremely sensitive and can detect even the slightest traces of alcohol in the air.

When a dog smells alcohol, they will typically display some form of behavior indicating that they have detected something. This may include sniffing intensely at an object or area, pawing at the ground or even barking.

It’s important to note that dogs don’t actually consume alcohol when they detect its scent. Instead, they use their sense of smell as a tool to identify potential hazards or threats.

Why Would Dogs Need to Detect Alcohol?

There are several reasons why dogs would need to detect alcohol:

1. Law Enforcement: Police dogs are often trained to detect drugs and alcohol. They use their sense of smell to locate substances that may be hidden from plain sight.

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2. Medical Reasons: Some medical conditions cause individuals to emit a distinct odor that smells similar to alcohol. For example, people with diabetes who have low blood sugar levels may have breath that smells like alcohol. In these cases, dogs can be trained to detect these odors and alert their owners or caregivers.

3. Assistance Animals: Service animals such as guide dogs for the blind and hearing dogs for the deaf are trained to detect a variety of scents, including alcohol. These dogs can help their owners navigate through potentially hazardous situations.

The Accuracy of Dogs Detecting Alcohol

Dogs are incredibly accurate at detecting the scent of alcohol. In fact, they have been used in various law enforcement agencies around the world to detect drugs and alcohol.

According to some studies, dogs have an accuracy rate of up to 97% when it comes to detecting the scent of alcohol. This makes them a valuable tool for law enforcement and other industries where the detection of alcohol is important.

However, it’s important to note that dogs are not infallible and can make mistakes. They may also be influenced by external factors such as weather conditions or distractions in their environment.


In conclusion, dogs can smell alcohol due to their highly sensitive sense of smell. They use this ability for a variety of reasons, including law enforcement, medical purposes and as assistance animals.

While dogs are incredibly accurate at detecting the scent of alcohol, they are not infallible and can make mistakes. As with any tool or resource, it’s important to use dogs’ abilities wisely and in conjunction with other methods of detection.

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So next time you’re drinking around your furry friend, don’t be surprised if they give you a sniff!